Engage with Adhisthana

The Buddha instructed his disciples to go forth – for the welfare, good and happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world. In establishing Triratna, Sangharakshita opened the doors wide to people all over the world to engage in a Dharma life. As members of the Triratna Buddhist Community and Order, we invite you to participate in this vision, sharing the teachings of our teachers. Engage by attending online events, coming to a retreat or local class. We welcome you as a retreatant, visitor, pilgrim, or volunteer.

Local Classes

We are pleased to say we have resumed our weekly drop-in evening class. They are currently being held on Mondays from 19:30-21:30. This class is for people of all levels of experience. During the evening, we meditate together and hear about the teachings of the Buddha with the opportunity for discussion and questions.

The class is by donation, with a suggested donation of around £5. If you would like more information you can call Adhisthana on 01531 641726 or email us. Other local classes are held at Worcester.


Friends, Mitras and Order Members from across the world are welcome to visit and spend time at Adhisthana outside of any retreat programme. We offer an opportunity to live simply in the countryside amidst a thriving dharmic context. You can meditate in a shrine room, circumambulate the burial mound, visit Urgyen House, sit in the garden or by a pond, go for a walk, meet friends or study in the library. We ask visitors to take part in the daily work rota which integrates you into life here. You may be sharing a room during your stay with a member of the same sex.

It is necessary to book and with a busy programme we don’t always have availability. We charge £39/night (or £28 if you’re unsupported/unwaged). Please arrange your own travel.


Adhisthana thrives on volunteers, and we want to give opportunities to as wide a range of people as possible. Having volunteers is a great opportunity for people to become part of the wider Adhisthana network, and develop relationships with the place, the community and Bhante.

For further information, click here.

We can host your retreat….

Adhisthana can host retreats for your local sangha, chapter, study group, going for refuge group, ordination reunion or other groups within the Triratna movement. We want to provide the support for your groups to engage with each other in the Dharma in the context of Bhante’s last home and resting place and wider Triratna community.

Once we’ve finalised our programme of retreats and events for the year, we are able to book in your retreat where there’s availability.

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