Is lodging provided? What’s the accommodation like? Can I have a single room?
We have a large number of simple twin rooms on both the ground and first floor, as well as 5 single ensuite rooms (allocated on the basis of medical need), and some dorm rooms of 3-6 people. On large events we have larger dorms of up to 12 people. Rooms are simply furnished with a bed, bedside table, chair and lamp.

Should I bring bed linen?
We ask people to please bring their own bed linen – 2 pillowcases, a single sheet and duvet cover. This is especially so if you are travelling by car, or coming for a weekend event. If travelling from overseas we provide bed linen. If coming from with the UK and you need to borrow bed linen, we ask for dana to cover the costs.

Can I request to share a room with a particular person?
You are very welcome to ask to share with a friend – please request to do so when you book by stating who you would like to share with in the accommodation information box in the booking form.

Can I camp?
You are welcome to camp if you would like to – the cost remains the same. For some events we primarily have camping spaces available, but this is clearly indicated before booking.

Can I share a room with my partner, or someone of the opposite gender?
We do not have mixed rooms, and partners do not share together.

What should I bring?
As well as bringing bed linen and the usual things you would take with you when going away, you may also wish to bring an alarm clock so you can turn off your phone. Going on retreat is an opportunity to live a simpler life for a little while, so please consider not bringing technological devices or other forms of entertainment. If you are unfamiliar with Adhisthana please read the document below.
Coming on Retreat at Adhisthana

Can I just come and visit outside of a retreat? Do I need to book?
Yes, you will need to contact the office on admin@adhisthana.org to ask to visit and to arrange a date. Let us know in advance the timing of your arrival so we can properly welcome you. Your bedroom number will be displayed on the noticeboard in the reception building (the small building on the left as you walk into the courtyard).

What methods of payment do you accept?
If possible we prefer people to pay before they arrive on site – ideally online through PayPal when they book. We can also take BACS or card payments. If necessary we can take card payments during reception at the start of the retreat. We can also take card payments for items from the shop – please come to the office to pay.

How much does it cost to visit?
It is £37 per night to stay here if you are working or supported. There is a reduced rate of £26 if you are unwaged.

I work for a Triratna institution. Can you invoice them for my booking?
Yes, please email us with all the information you would put on a booking form (including any accommodation or restricted diet information), the email for your employer so we can send the invoice, and the retreat you’d like to book onto.
Please note that we are hoping to integrate booking and paying via invoice into the online booking system in due course.

What happens if I need to cancel my retreat?
If you need to cancel your retreat for any reason please let us know. We will refund you whatever you have paid minus the deposit, which is non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances. We maintain a strict consistency around this policy.
If a retreat is cancelled then we will refund you all your monies.

I want to come on retreat but I can’t afford to pay the unwaged rate. Is there any way I can come?
Sometimes people need financial help to come on retreat, so we have bursary places. Bursary places are not ‘free’ places, they are an opportunity for you to come on retreat and give as appropriate to your circumstances on a dana basis.
We may need to limit requests to one per person per year. This is because we want to enable as many people as possible to come on retreat, and there are lots of people who would benefit from bursary places, but it’s always worth asking!
To apply for a bursary place, please contact the office and explain your situation, and we will try to enable you to come. Order members can also apply to the Abhayaratna Trust for financial assistance to come on retreat.

Can I arrive late or leave a retreat early?
If possible please arrive for a retreat on time – coming late can be disruptive for the retreat and you will miss the welcome announcements. If you are arriving late you can find your room number in the reception building.
We expect people to remain on site until the event end time stated on the website. If you intend to leave a retreat earlier than this let the office team know and we can discuss how to proceed.

What time does the retreat start/finish?
The start and end times vary between events, but the timings are displayed on the website in the description of the event. Please adhere to these timings.

Can I get picked up from the station?
We do not offer collection from the station when you arrive – you can find taxi numbers under the “Information” section of the menu. There will be a list up during the event for you to sign to request a lift or taxi at the end of the event. A member of the Adhisthana office team will organise this for you.

I’m arriving late on the night a retreat starts. Could you save me dinner?
Yes, please let the office know in advance you will be arriving late and we will save food for you. Please let us know by 3pm on the day the retreat starts.

I have food allergies, or have dietary restrictions that are required for a medical condition, can you cater for this?
Please outline your restricted diet in detail on your booking form. For highly complex diets (i.e there are more than 3 things you can’t eat) we may ask you to provide some of your own food. More information is can be found on the sheet below.
Restricted Diet Information

What kind of food do you provide?
All the food we provide is vegan. Tea/Coffee, toast and fruit is always available. There is porridge in the morning for those who wish to have it.

How old do I need to be to come on retreat or visit?
To come here on retreat you need to be 18 years old. If you are under 18 and would like to come, please get your legal guardian to contact the office.

Are there any rules?
No consumption of drugs or alcohol allowed on site. No sexual activity anywhere on the Adhisthana land. No pets.

Is Adhisthana disabled friendly?
We have several accessible bedrooms, and the lower dining hall has a wheelchair lift. There are also several disabled access toilets on site. Unfortunately, some of our large meeting spaces are on the First floor and are not accessible, so ASAP please let us know of any access needs that you have so that we can arrange to meet those needs whilst there is still flexibility in our accommodation capacity and in the use of our other rooms.
We are working to improve accessibility, so if you have feedback for us in this area please let us know.

Do you have internet access?
If you need to use the internet you can connect to the WiFi in the reception building. However we encourage people to make the most of their time here and refrain from using electronic devices as much as possible.

Lots of your events are single sex. I am trans/non-binary/gender diverse. What provision can I expect when I come to Adhisthana?
If you have any concerns or would like to make a request for accommodation, then let us know ASAP on your booking form whilst there is still flexibility in our accommodation capacity.

Can I come and help out?
We encourage people to come and volunteer and participate in the communal life of Adhisthana, assisting in the work that goes on here. If you would like to contribute, please contact Shubhavyuha who is the volunteer coordinator. Her email is shubhavyuha@adhisthana.org.

How many people will there be on the retreat?
Events and retreats here vary widely in number of attendees. Smaller study retreats may be capped at 13, whereas larger weekend events may be as large as 120. There are often several events happening at one time, so you may be on an event with 25 people, but there are 80 people on site.

Can I wash my clothes while I am there?
Our laundry room is not for personal use. You can hand wash clothes using a basin and laundry liquid, and there are lines in the barn where you can hang clothes that need to dry. Please do not use the space inside or just outside the laundry as this is for Adhisthana use only.

Can I bring my dog?
We do not allow people to bring their pets on site as this can be very disruptive to a retreat atmosphere. Please contact us if you have an assistance dog, so that we can make arrangements to accommodate you.

Do I need to participate in a work rota during my stay?
Yes, we ask everyone to do a daily task, which you will be signed up for when you arrive. We also expect people to contribute to the clear-up at the end of the event – this is an essential part of the programme and allows us to run Adhisthana well. If, for health reasons you are unable to sign up for the work rota, please let us know. If you plan to leave before the clear-up on the last day of the retreat, please contact us in advance so that we can discuss with you.

Why don’t retreats meditate separately in the morning?
Everyone on site is invited to come and practice together in the morning meditations. It is at this morning sit that we all witness each other participating in our different ways, and with this daily ritual collectively build momentum of practice – it is emblematic of the ethos of Adhisthana; we may be engaged in very different activities during the day, but we come together to participate in the shared life here. A member of the residential community leads these sits, inviting everyone to join the community in contributing to Adhisthana.

I have lost something at Adhisthana, what shall I do?
Please contact the office so they can put your item on the Lost Property list. You can check our recent lost property – it is stored in the cupboard in the reception building. If we locate your lost item, it will be placed in the ‘Claimed Items’ box on top of the cabinet, where you or a friend can collect it when convenient. Anything that has been unclaimed for three months is stored elsewhere, and then donated to the charity shop after 6 months.