Adhisthana’s Young People’s Project

From its foundation, Adhisthana has had a strong emphasis on providing full-time contexts for young Dharma practitioners to live a full Dharma life. Initially, this was through the successful 5 month Dharma Life Courses and then by integrating young people into the full-time residential communities. As part of the new vision for Adhisthana that emerged amidst the lockdown of 2020, we are stepping up our commitment to supporting young people. The official role of European Young Buddhist Coordinator (funded by the European Chair’s Assembly) will be based at Adhisthana for the next two years. We will also be shifting much of our energy to broadening the opportunities for the training of young people. Adhisthana has been the home of young Buddhist events since 2013 and we aim to offer a spiritual home to all young Buddhists in Triratna.

Expect much more to come in the form of opportunities for young people to come on retreat, join the community, take part in residential training and take on responsibility…

Upcoming Young People’s Events

Sub30 Online Retreat: Taste of Freedom

Sub30 Online Retreat: Taste of Freedom

Led by Ksantikara, Aryadasa, Kusaladevi, Prajnahriyadaya & Prajnaketu
12.03 – 14.03
Online: Open to all under 30
Sub30 Seminar: Escaping the Wastelands

Sub30 Seminar: Escaping the Wastelands

Led by Dhammarati + Ksantikara
03.05 – 31.05
Online: All who have learnt Triratna Meditation
Sub30 Retreat: Letters of Fire

Sub30 Retreat: Letters of Fire

Led by Ksantikara + Team of Young Order Members 15.10 – 17.10 Residential: Open to all

Young People’s Courses

The residential courses that Adhisthana run are an integral and appreciated part of life here.

We have had the delight of hosting 10 Dharma Life Courses since 2013. These are usually five months long, and are residential courses at Adhisthana providing a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of Triratna Buddhism. They are aimed at mitras and those training for ordination, usually under the age of 35.

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Get in touch

If you’re under 30 and would like to get in touch with our young people’s co-ordinator then you’re welcome to send him an email.

He can help point you in the right direction to involved at your local centre, online or here at Adhisthana.

Email Ksantikara