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Join the Operations Team

As we emerge from lockdown, we’re keen to expand ambitiously, broadening the skills and capacity of the team. The Adhisthana Operations Team is looking for community-minded Order Members, Mitras and Friends who would like to engage deeply with Bhante’s vision of the Dharma to make it more available.

We currently have a number of vacancies for which we’re recruiting. Below is a list of roles we have available with the most immediately needed roles labelled ‘urgent’. Depending on skills, experience and temperament some new recruits will fulfil two of these roles. e.g. one person taking on to cook part-time and be an online retreat technician part-time.

For more information or to inquire, please contact Khemabandhu.

Working at Adhisthana means living a life fully dedicated to my highest values, shoulder to shoulder with a community who share that vision, where all aspects of my life fold back into practicing the Dharma.


Current Vacancies

URGENT ROLE: Maintenance

With 7 buildings ranging from 30 to 230 years old, there’s plenty of upkeep required across our site. Our longstanding, hardworking and capable maintenance man, Yashodeva, has recently been appointed a Public Preceptor and will have less time and energy available to make our buildings look loved and cared for. You’ll work under the guidance of Yashodeva when he’s around and will need to be confident and self-driven when he’s off leading ordination training retreats. For a mitra or Order Member.

Possible tasks include:

  • General Repairs
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Window & Door Repairs
  • Gutters & Drains
  • Lighting
  • Renovations & Upgrades

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

URGENT ROLE: full-stack web developer

During the lockdown of 2020 we took the opportunity to rebuild our website which launched early in 2021. We hope you like it, but the work is far from over. As we expand our online offering the website will need to respond and adapt. We’re looking for a web developer to take on this task. There is the opportunity to combine web development work with other, more hands-on roles.

For a mitra or Order Member. Ideal experience is listed below, but some learning on the job would be acceptable or even encouraged if you’re self-directed enough for that to work.

Ideally experience with (or aptitude & willingness to learn):

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress
    • Custom theming
    • Custom plugins
    • Custom post types
  • PayPal integration
  • Security best practices
  • Version control with Git

This could be combined with other work to form a full-time role.

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: gardener

Our extensive gardens are an important part of Adhisthana contributing significantly to the beauty and aesthetic experience of everyone who attends. Sanghadeva, our gardener, has worked tirelessly to transform what was farmland into a delight for the senses. We’re looking for someone to work with Sanghadeva to maintain and continue to develop his vision for the garden into the future.

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: mobile app developer

We’re keen to expand our reach and spread the Dharma further and wider. In order to do that, we’d love to have a slick, well-designed app with high-quality content allowing convenient and easy access to what we have to offer. If you have experience building mobile apps and you want to join us here at Adhisthana then here’s your opportunity!

This would be combined with other work to form a full-time role.

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: filmmaker

To spread the Dharma, we need to be able to tell stories, and the medium of film is one of the best ways to do this. You’ll produce promotional and information videos, reportage, interviews, talks and guided meditations following through from the initial conception, through planning & organising, to staging, recording, editing and uploading.

This would be combined with other work to form a full-time role.

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: personal Assistant

You will work closely with Khemabandhu, our Chair, and the Dharma Team to help us with the ambitious project of unfolding the vision of Adhisthana to its full potential with the opportunity to take on significant responsibility. You will be strongly driven by the desire to serve this project. The nature of the role will depend on individual skills and experience. For a GFR Mitra or Order Member.

Desirable qualities:

  • Attention to detail
  • Good organisation
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Discretion and trustworthiness
  • Tech competency
  • Great communication and team working skills

Tasks include:

  • Arranging meetings, taking minutes, scheduling, compiling agenda
  • Supporting/Driving projects
  • Writing
  • Document preparation
  • Research
  • Aptitude for proofreading

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: Online Programme Coordinator

You will work very closely with the Dharma Team to be the driving force behind our new push for a strong online presence making extensive use of our new Connected Shrine Room. You will be driven by the desire to serve and vivify this project. Our online programme could include live classes, courses, puja and a ‘thought for the week’ with plenty of scope for new ideas and creativity. For a GFR Mitra or Order Member.

Desirable qualities:

  • Motivated and able to make ideas happen
  • Understanding of how people engage with online content
  • Competent with technology (Zoom, webcams, microphones etc)
  • Basic video editing (or willingness to learn)
  • Comfortable with hosting online sessions, good presentation skills
  • Ability to coordinate, liaise and work with Dharma teachers
  • Requirement to work flexibly (e.g. evenings) as required by scheduled online sessions
  • International focus (accommodating a range of timezones, languages)
  • Opportunity for Dharma Teaching (for an Order Member)
  • Comfortable doing fundraising/dana appeals

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: Front of house (filled until Summer 2022)

The Front of House is the first point of contact for those coming to Adhisthana, and plays a central role in communications, both with those who live at Adhisthana, and those who visit this place. This also involves coordinating the practical aspect of retreats and meetings here, from arrival through to departure. We’re looking for someone to work with Caroline, our current Front of House, to maintain and improve the standard of communication and organisation of our events.

Some experience of working in an administrative forward-facing role is ideal. You will receive training on the job. A desire to create the best conditions for our retreatants and guests to contact the Dharma is required. For a mitra or Order Member.

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: Technician – ONLINE Events (filled until Summer 2022)

An exciting new expansion at Adhisthana is the development of a strong online programme, building on all that we learnt during the lockdown of 2020 and allowing us to reach more and more people. Our team of online retreat tech support is looking for a new member to help us take on a full programme of online events for 2021, using our new dual retreat setup, which allows us to discreetly broadcast residential retreats to online retreatants.

Desired experience with or willingness to learn:

  • Running events on zoom
  • General computer competence
  • Willingness to serve retreatants and retreat leaders
  • Responsive
  • Friendly manner
  • Willing to work in a team

This could be combined with other work to form a full-time role.

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: Cook (filled until Summer 2022)

The kitchen plays a central role at Adhisthana nourishing and sustaining retreatants, guests and the communities. We’re looking for someone to work with Lizzie, our catering-trained Kitchen Manager, to keep up a steady flow of delicious food produced in a friendly, harmonious kitchen.

Some experience of cooking for large numbers is ideal. You will receive training on the job. A desire to create the best conditions for our retreatants and guests to contact the Dharma is required. For a mitra or Order Member.

This could be combined with other work to form a full-time role.

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

ROLE: Marketing, Publicity & Communications (filled until Summer 2022)

Developing and executing a marketing strategy, you’ll work closely with the Dharma Team to understand and communicate to the Order, movement and general public the vision and events of Adhisthana. We’re expanding to serve the international community with online offerings, to build up a large archive of quality Dharma teaching from the movements most experienced teachers and be an important voice in Triratna’s presentation and deepening practice of the Dharma. So there’s significant scope for new ideas and creativity as our marketing, publicity and communications needs have greatly expanded. For a mitra or Order Member.

Desired experience with or willingness to learn:

  • Developing a marketing strategy, to maximise access to and participation in Adhisthana events
  • Social media management (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Website editing (WordPress)
  • Copywriting (emails, blogs, event blurbs etc)
  • Content creation and management (videos, audio, interviews, promos)
  • Basic Graphic design (with guidance from Dhammarati, an experienced Graphic Designer)
  • Basic video editing
  • Printing posters & Flyers
  • Building & coordinating a team of on-the-ground ambassadors around the world to promote our events

Get in touch with Khemabandhu.

Why live and work at Adhisthana?

Adhisthana operates on the Triratna model of support within a Team-Based Right Livelihood context in which we provide the simple but nourishing conditions required to carry out the work and live a full, engaged Dharma life, with plenty of opportunity for study, communal meditation and practice, and spiritual friendship, all in the beautiful English countryside. We work 35 hours per week.

You’ll live in one of our two single-sex communities. We receive our food and board (which includes two cooked meals per day from the retreat kitchen) as well as £410/month to cover other costs. All retreats & events at Adhisthana are free for residents. Mitras who have asked for ordination receive the cost of one additional ordination training retreat at Tiratanaloka or Padmaloka covered per year. We offer six weeks holiday per year. Twice a year we come together for community days to spend time with each other in retreat-like conditions. We have access to Adhisthana vehicles at a subsidised rate.

At Adhisthana we aspire to live a simple life as part of our practice of the Dharma. Hear experienced community members share their inspiration for living a simple life:

If you would like to help at Adhisthana but are unable to live and work here, check out our volunteering page.

Visas and Right to Work

It’s very important to us at Adhisthana that we have a team that reflects the internationality of Triratna Buddhist Order and movement. However, without visas, we can only employ citizens of the UK and Ireland or those with a right to work in the UK.

Job Sponsorship

If you don’t have an existing right to work in the UK we, unfortunately, can’t currently offer job sponsorship. We are currently researching the possibility of offering sponsorship for the two year Tier 5 Religious Worker visa and may be able to in the future.

Youth Mobility Visa

If you’re aged 18 to 30 and you’re a resident of one of the following countries, you could be eligible for a Youth Mobility Visa:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

ancestry visa

If you have a grandparent that was born in the UK, you could be eligible for an Ancestry Visa.

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