Bodhicitta: The Heart of Buddhism

How do we meet this world that is burning? We are fortunate enough to have a whole raft of practices to turn to, and for a lot of us it is the Bodhicitta practice that will shine brightly at this time. The Order has begun a collective weekly Bodhicitta practice and we’d like to offer everyone the opportunity to engage more deeply with this practice by following along with Vessantara’s Bodhicitta retreat from Adhisthana in 2019.

Through talks, led reflections and meditations Vessantara draws out the fundamental principles that underlie the bodhicitta practice. This is where we open our hearts to all life and to all experience, developing a profound empathy for all that lives. The power of the meditation has an effect whether or not we are in contact with other people and is another way that we can make a contribution to a world that is changing beyond recognition for people at the moment.

There are many ways you might  engage with the material, following it alone, with your chapter, or with friends for example.

We recommend this retreat only for those who have already have an established practice of Mindfulness of Breathing & Metta Bhavana.


Vessantara’s Retreat

All talks, led meditations and reflections on Free Buddhist Audio


Bhante on The Arising of the Bodhichitta from 1965
Lead-through by Dayanandi
Lead-through by Subhuti (Order login required)
Lokesvara on why he does the practice (Order login required)
Kamalashila’s Blog