Nature of Mind

Your mind is your most valuable asset and most dangerous possession. It can be amazingly creative or terrifyingly destructive. Every experience you have, or could possibly have, is mediated through your mind. The health of your mind is the health of your life.

Upcoming: Buddhism & The Big Questions retreat, 26 aug to 2 sept

A 6-month season featuring neuroscientists, philosophers, psychologists, and Buddhist thinkers.

Learn: from prominent thinkers in conversation about the nature of mind
Discuss: each guest speaker’s work in interactive seminars
Practice: what we’ve learned and discussed in a five-part meditation masterclass

Each month we release a conversation which we follow with an interactive seminar. Then we put what we’ve learnt into practice in meditation. Nature of Mind culminates with an immersive retreat in August 2022.

Current Cycle: Amishi Jha & Peak Mind

Conversation: Peak Mind
Amishi Jha speaks to Amalavajra about her research on the areas of focus, attention, concentration and mindfulness.

Seminar: Own Your Attention
Amalavajra & Maitreyabandhu in an exploration of the interview with Amishi Jha.
July 1, 7pm (BST)

Meditation Masterclass: Find Your Focus
led by Vajradevi
4-8 July 2022, 7-8:30am (BST)

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Residential Retreats

Immerse yourself. Learn More. Go deeper.

Local Nature of Mind Events

The Nature of Mind project is international, with events occuring across the UK, Europe, Oceania and Mexico. Learn, study, reflect and practice the material at your nearest Buddhist Centre:

Oceania: Monthly Seminar
Oceania: Monthly Seminar

Upcoming and Past Seminars…


Working to understand the mind, and finding ways of transforming it is a vital part of living a meaningful life, but we must be careful not to allow our efforts to work with the mind to become overly inward-looking. With the Nature of Mind project, we want to do as much as we can to help others in more difficult situations.

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