“Wondrous is the Buddha of Infinite Light…..”

Image painted and photographed by Shubhanaga

“One night I found myself as it were out of the body and in the presence of Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light…The colour of the Buddha was a deep, rich, luminous red, like that of rubies, though at the same time soft and glowing, like the light of the setting sun…I saw the Buddha as clearly as I had ever seen anything under the normal circumstances of my life, indeed far more clearly and vividly…The rich red colour of Amitabha himself, as well as the two lotuses and the setting sun made a particularly deep impression on me. It was more wonderful, more appealing, than any earthly red: it was like red light, but so soft and, at the same time, so vivid as to be altogether without parallel…The experience never faded and nearly a quarter of a century later, the figure of the red Buddha is as clear to me, in recollection, as it was the next morning in the Virupaksha Guha”. Sangharakshita, The Rainbow Road 1997.

We have the good fortune to practice with a form of Amitabha that directly derives from Sangharakshita’s vision. Simple though profound, it brings us into contact with the deep mystery, boundless light and infinite love of the great Buddha who resides at the head of the Padma family.

We will participate in the lineage of all the Amitabha practitioners who have brought his qualities into the world over the centuries – qualities of light, warmth, love, meditation, calm, and discriminating wisdom. Come and practice with us to make sure these qualities continue to ceaselessly pour out into the world for the sake of all, with the boundless abundance of the beautiful red Buddha: Amitabha.

“Wondrous is the Buddha of Infinite Light…..”

Led by Punyamala, Vidyamala, Pramudita + Paramartha

Reception is from 3-5pm on the day of arrival, with the retreat beginning with supper at 6pm.

The retreat will finish in the morning after the clear-up. If traveling on public transport, please book a train after 11am.

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Start Date: 10th Sep 2021
End Date: 17th Sep 2021
Event Type: Residential
Deposit: £78
Price: £273 (Waged/Supported (including deposit)) / £196 (Unwaged/Unsupported (including deposit))

Dana/Bursary Donation
An opportunity to give if you are attending a dana event. For paid events, an invitation to contribute to our bursary fund.

Sorry, this event is now full. If you would like your name to be put on a waiting list please contact us.

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