Sikkha Meditation Teaching Event: World On Fire – Teaching Meditation In Difficult Times

7- 9 OCTober

Led by members of the Sikkha Meditation Kula: Vidyamala, Vajrashura, Jnanavaca, vijayamala, Tejananda and Dhammarati

The Sikkha meditation teaching team have re-visioned their annual retreat in light of the times we find ourselves in. It will now be a fully online event over the weekend 7-9 Oct 2022 enabling Order members around the world who are involved in (or who would like to be involved in) teaching meditation to have the opportunity to attend. 

In many countries, there is a cost of living squeeze and economic downturn as well as international crises and wars. It is likely that many people attending our classes and courses will be looking for a Dharmic perspective that offers both the vision to see things clearly, as well as practical ways to manage the ‘grit’ of lived experience.

Over the weekend:

  • Vijayamala will provide input into how to rely on the dharma and investigate the root causes of suffering in our experience.
  • Vajrashura will share how sadhana can help us ‘see with the yidam’s eyes’.
  • Jnanavaca will share teachings on the mystery of bodhicitta where we learn to withdraw from over-identifying with the flow of life on the one hand, and yet love fully and deeply on the other. 
  • Vidyamala will provide practical ways to use breath and body awareness to strengthen and balance the nervous system and build resilience and courage. 
  • There will also be input into ways to dialogue about meditation practice using skills of deep listening and curiosity.

Our hope is that you will feel empowered to take these perspectives and approaches back to your Centres and share them with others.

The weekend will include small groups where you can meet with other Order members to deepen connections and discuss your meditation teaching and Dharma life within the context of these times.

Times for each session are as follows (UK times – please check your own time zones)

  • Friday evening 7pm – 9pm-ish
  • Saturday, 10.30am – 1pm, 3pm – 5.30pm, 7.30pm – 9pm
  • Sunday 10.30am – 1pm, 3pm – 5.30pm

The retreat will be led by members of the Sikkha Meditation Kula: Vidyamala, Jnanavaca, Vajrashura, Vijayamala, Tejananda and Dhammarati.

Please note this is now an online only event and finishes on 9/10/22 with the afternoon session (UK time).

This event is held on a dana basis. A deposit of £20 is required, and we suggest additional amounts in addition to this (depending on if you are waged or unwaged), although please don't feel limited by these amounts.

For: Order Members

Start date: 7th Oct 2022
End date: 9th Oct 2022
Event Type: Online

Non-refundable deposit: £20 (included in prices above)

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