Spring Sanghas Retreat | Triratna Day Weekend

28 Mar – 1 APR | led by Saddhanandi, Dhammarati, Khemabandhu + the Adhisthana Communities

With presentations and discussions (in various languages), we’ll explore themes taken from Sangharakshita’s lecture ‘The Taste of Freedom’ which is based on the very expressive Uposatha Sutta in the Udana. We’ll be looking at the nature of freedom and lack of freedom, of individuality and even the mysterious quality of the Dharma itself. Teachings that are pithy, pragmatic, and surprisingly bold.

Come together with experienced teachers to deepen your Dharma practice, and connect with each other and the wider Sangha. Taking full advantage of this four day holiday, this retreat is an invitation to gather together, talk about the Dharma, and celebrate Triratna as a rich context for Dharma practice.

If you aren’t affiliated with one of the participating sanghas you are still very welcome to come, although book early under the ‘Open’ option as places are limited. If you would like your sangha to be included, contact your Chair and then get in touch, otherwise just book on and bring your friends!

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