Sadhana Convention | Immersion Retreat

22 – 29 nov | led by Prakasha + Team


Sharpen the cutting edge of your practice. Find your deepest sources of guidance for life.

If you practise sadhana, or would like to revive your practice, come to this gathering of the sadhana clans.

You’ll have time to practise your own sadhana(s) and join a kula with others who do the same practice. With help from skilled teachers with decades of experience, and opportunities to be led in some of the major sadhanas in the Order, this is a not-to-be-missed retreat to refresh and deepen your inspiration for sadhana and yidam practice.

Immersion Retreats weave together meditation, ritual readings of the text and voices of the Adhisthana Teaching Community to bring us more deeply into Bhante’s perspective and presentation of the Dharma.

English (UK)