Autumn Sanghas Retreat | The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment

15 – 22 nov | led by Saddhaloka, Parami, Nagabodhi, Ratnaprabha, Prajnanita + team

Take your imagination to its limits. Open to the transformative power of the White Lotus Sutra. Tread the Bodhisattva Path with Sanghas from across the UK.

The wisdom of the Buddhas is infinitely profound and immeasurable. The door to this wisdom is difficult to understand and difficult to enter.

This ancient text unfolds across the universe, employing mythological scenes on a cosmic stage and with myriad beings as its actors. This retreat invites you into the path of the bodhisattva through parables and wisdom beyond words. Open the door to illuminate the transformative power of the White Lotus Sutra.

An opportunity for participating Sanghas and individuals to come together to take their practice deeper in the context of the wider Triratna Sangha. If you would like your Sangha to be included, contact your Chair and get in touch, otherwise just book on (through the ‘Open option if your Sangha isn’t listed) and bring your friends!

Sangharakshita’s Complete Works vol. 16

This volume brings together The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment: Parables, Myths and Symbols of the White Lotus Sutra; The Priceless Jewel (essay); Transforming Self and World: Themes from the Sutra of Golden Light; The Inconceivable Emancipation: Themes from the Vimalakīrti-Nirdeśa and new endnotes reflecting original sources. A beautiful foreword by Ratnaguna introduces the volume.

English (UK)