The Adhisthana Community


Chair of Adhisthana, Dharma Team

Trained as an artist, Saddhanandi initially was involved in the Glasgow Sangha. Prior to being chair at Adhisthana, she was at Taraloka for 20 years, and was chair there for the last 13 of those years.


Chair of The College of Public Preceptors

Initially heavily involved in the renovations of Adhisthana, Ratnadharini returns as head of the College. She was also part of the initial team running Tiratnaloka, the ordination training centre for women.


International Order Convenor

Trustee of numerous Triratna bodies prior to moving to Adhisthana, Aryajaya was a senior manager in Windhorse:Evolution Trading for 10 years after emigrating to the UK from Australia.


Dharma Team

Ordained for almost 50 years, prior to founding the International Council, Dhammarati was Chair of the College of Public Preceptors and the London Buddhist Centre. His designs can be found on books and publicity throughout Triratna.


International Order Convenor

Before coming to Adhisthana, Lokeshvara lived and worked at Padmaloka, the UK retreat centre for men. Prior to his involvement with Triratna, he was very involved with NGO’s.


Dharma Team

Having stepped down as Chair of the College in 2019, Saddhaloka is becoming more involved with teaching at Adhisthana. He has strong links with Eastern Europe, and travels to several countries every year to lead retreats.


Manager, Dharma Team

Originally from Australia, James got involved in the Dharma while in London and was nomadic before coming to Adhisthana to do the Dharma Life Course in 2017. He was due to be ordained in 2020 but this was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Programme Manager, Dharma Team

Instrumental in establishing the Sydney Buddhist Centre, Shubhavyuha returned to the UK as the Assistant to the International Council. She joined the Adhisthana Operations Team in 2019.


Finance Manager

Previously having worked for various Triratna organisations such as the Karuna Trust and Clear Vision, Bodhiketu also spent six years in Guhyaloka, the men’s ordination retreat centre in Spain.


European & Adhisthana Young Buddhists Coordinator

Ksantikara moved to Adhisthana from the London Buddhist Centre, where he was instrumental in setting up and leading the Sub 25 group there for several years. He took on the Co-ordinator role in 2020 and will also be spending part of his time working on the Operations Team.


Landscaper, Gardener

Initially living at the Croydon Buddhist Centre, Sanghadeva worked in the centres restauraunt – Hockney’s, before going to live at Madhymaloka; Sangharakshita’s penultimate home, and centre for the College of Public Preceptors.


Buildings, Maintenance

After becoming chair at the Brighton Centre in his twenties, Yashodeva spent many years at Guhyaloka, the men’s ordination training centre in Spain, before returning the the UK to help with the initial renovations of the Adhisthana site. He still maintains an active role in the Spanish speaking sangha.


Housekeeping, Cook

After leaving Mexico where she worked in television to come and work for Triratna in the UK, Rochani spent several years working at The Cherry – the restaurant owned by the London Buddhist Centre and has been at Adhisthana for five years.


Front-of-House, Website

Before joining the team, Caroline lived in a mixed couples community in Oxford, although she became a Mitra in Sheffield during her time there at University. She did the Dharma Life Course with Lizzie in 2019.


Kitchen Manager

After doing the Dharma Life Course in 2019 Lizzie joined the Operations Team. Prior to living here she was based at the Colchester Buddhist Centre and has experience of working in catering. Lizzie has a connection with the Indian Sangha, having travelled across India in early 2020.


Technician, Maintenance

Patrick got involved with Triratna through the Young Buddhists project, and threw himself into the Dharma life at his local centre, Bristol, where he facilitated the Young Buddhists group. He joins the Adhisthana team to support Yashodeva, and support online events at Adhisthana, bringing his experience of working in sound and audio.