Sikkha Meditation Teaching Event

Continuing on from the success of retreats in 2019 and 2021, this meditation mentoring retreat aims to help Order Members deepen their experience, skills and insights in the area of meditation and meditation teaching.

Our goal on the retreat will be to equip you with new understandings and tools to help you take your meditation practice deeper, teach meditation more creatively, and become more effective as a meditation mentor.

In previous years we have focused on how to teach people in public classes, including newcomers. This year the emphasis will be on how to teach more experienced meditators. You will learn skills to develop confidence in working with your own mind and how to help others work confidently and creatively with their own unfolding practice.

We will be doing this by loosely using the structure of the Satipatthana Sutta as a framework. Each day there will be the opportunity to explore different aspects of body, vedana, citta and awakening. Within this we will introduce different approaches to meditation including:

• Cultivating deep body awareness
• Learning to work with direct experience
• Learning to unwind reactive mental and emotional habits and to open to spacious awareness
• How to allow the spiral path to unfold in practice

During the retreat there will be input from the team, opportunities for discussion and small practice groups where you will have the chance to lead meditation and receive supportive feedback.

You will also gain training in ‘enquiry’ where you learn to engage in open dialogue with your practice group participants about their meditation experience. This is a useful skill for Kalyana Mitrata as well as meditation teaching.

Please do join us if you are (or would like to be) teaching or communicating meditation in a Triratna context and within the context of the Triratna System of Practice.

For a taste of what this retreat will be like, do have a look at videos of the 2021 and the 2019 retreats.

a dual retreat

This retreat will be run from Adhisthana, and we are encouraging you to come there for the retreat if that is possible. If that’s not possible, we invite you to come online instead, and we’ll be arranging both in-person and online groups for workshops and training on the retreat.