Tenth Anniversary Year

To celebrate this significant year we’ve put together a program of special events, each for a different group within the Adhisthana mandala. We want you to take part and hope to see you here on these events. Throughout the year we will have additional features such as exhibitions and art as part of our celebration.

Celebratory Program

THE Book

We’ve published a tenth-anniversary book that documents Adhisthana’s arrival into the world along with personal reflections and a look towards our vision into the future. You can read the book online or purchase one from Adhisthana.

Precious Teachers

This year is your last chance to view Urgyen House’s exhibition ‘Precious Teachers’ which will close on 7 July 2023. Connect with Bhante and his eight principal teachers through personal possessions, letters and thangkas.  If you book on to one of our in-person events you’ll have the chance to visit. Stay tuned for details on a new exhibition opening in August.

THE Exhibition

From March your visit to Adhisthana will include the opportunity to view our Tenth Anniversary Exhibition in the Library Atrium, curated by Danasamudra and designed by Dhammarati.

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