The Life of the Buddha

Saddhaloka gave this series of ten talks on the life of the Buddha in 2020 in the lead up to International Buddha Day. Through sensitive and inspiring storytelling, he evokes the legacy of the first human being to attain Enlightenment. Each talk is less than 15 minutes – a perfect introduction to this most miraculous of beings, or a wonderful bite-sized reminder for those who have heard these stories before. Saddhaloka has also written a book on the life of the Buddha, which can be found here.

The early life of Siddhartha Gautama, who set out to become an Enlightened One.

The Buddha resolved to teach, and so began an altruistic chain of events that ripple down to the modern day.

Saddhaloka tells the story of Meghiya, and the Buddha gives advice on what to do when “the hearts release is immature.

Saddhaloka here tells of the clan of the Kalamas, who, hearing many conflicting teaching from sages and holy folk passing through their village, are uncertain who to believe.

Saddhaloka shares the story of the Buddha’s encounter with the quarrelling Kosambian monks in his fifth talk in the series.

Saddhaloka tells of the Buddha’s conversation with Kevada; a lay follower very keen for a miracle display from the Buddha.

Saddhaloka shares a few stories that highlight that the Buddha was above all, kind.

Saddhaloka in his eighth video on the life of the Buddha shares the story of the serial killer Angulimala.

Even the Buddha faced skeptics. Saddhaloka in his penultimate talk in the series shares some of these tales.

In his final talk in this series, Saddhaloka shares the stories from the Buddha’s last days.

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