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Event Title: Team Based Right Livelihood in the 21st Century

Led by Keturaja, Abhayanandi, Moksadhi, Abhayakirti and Maitridasa

Team Based Right livelihood is one of the cornerstones of Bhante’s vision for the Triratna Buddhist Community. Since its inception Buddhist businesses have offered a context for personal transformation and spiritual friendship. On this retreat we will explore how Team Based Right Livelihood fits into the 21st century and why it’s more relevant and needed than ever.

Led by a team with many years of Team Based Right Livelihood behind them we will be exploring:

Why did Bhante think this practice was so important?
What are the key dharma principles that inform Team Based Right Livelihood?
How do these principles fit into a 21st century work culture?
How can we put these principles into practice?
What makes Team Based Right Livelihood such a potent context for personal transformation?
Why do such strong friendships develop in this environment?
How does working with others in a collaborative way offer the possibility to move beyond a narrow view of self?
How could your work make a difference to the world?

This retreat is for those who are curious about working with other Buddhists, would like their work to be more meaningful, and would like this aspect of their life to be part of their Buddhist practice.

If you have ideas for Right Livelihood businesses there will also be the opportunity to explore these;
- by pitching your ideas in groups
- exploring and refining these in discussion with others
- seeing how they could be developed into a business plan
- getting an idea of support available
- identifying next steps towards setting up a business

We would particularly welcome groups from local sangha's with enterprising ideas that they want to explore or take forward.

This retreat is suitable for Order Members, Mitras, and those who have learnt Triratna Meditation

Start Date: 26th Jun 2020
End Date: 28th Jun 2020
Deposit: £52
Price: £74 (Waged/Supported (including deposit)) / £52 (Unwaged/Unsupported (including deposit))

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