Adhisthana Retreats

Event Title: Evoking Shakyamuni: A Retreat for all Order members (in-person)

Led by Saddhanandi, Saddharaja and Maitreyaraja

Hooray! This retreat will be happening in person at Adhisthana, with an online component. Participants from both Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas are welcome.

Friday 30th October is the second anniversary of Bhante’s death, and we will be commemorating this day with a programme of ritual and talks. If you would like to arrive early to participate in this programme, we ask you let us know by emailing and arrive between 12:15 and 12:45.

Begin by celebrating Bhante's life within his own mandala of Adhisthana, then stay on for a week of lightly scheduled periods of meditation, study, reflection and puja: an opportunity to live within an Order community at Adhisthana.

The retreat will be led by Saddhanandi, Saddharaja and Maitreyaraja. All of us took the Shakyamuni sadhana at Ordination, and this will be the inspirational theme of the week. We will be using the Dhaniya Sutta as a study text in which to come face to face with the Buddha, as Bhante says: ‘ represents Everyman confronted by something quite existential: confronted by higher and further possibilities of human existence. So the Buddha meets, or confronts, or challenges Dhaniya as the complacent person, the self-satisfied person, the successful person confronted by a higher spiritual challenge; confronted by what it is possible to be or to do… it is not easy to be touched by the Dharma when you're satisfied in life, or self-satisfied, but it isn't necessarily easier to be touched by it when you are unsatisfied. In other words, you've got to be really disillusioned and not just disgruntled.’’

This confrountation is not only specific to meeting Shakyamuni, it is one of the universal themes of the spiritual life – an individual path of aspiration, of following a noble quest, of responding to the kalyana and a confrontation with a vision. It is a path that involves choices and a deepening relationship with one’s ideals and values. So, the retreat is intended to be relevant to all, whatever your sadhana.

We will also be doing an outside puja under the full moon, so bring some warm clothes!

The retreat will start with dinner at 18:00. If you would like to arrive early to join in the Death Anniversary day, please do so between 12:15 and 12:45. If not, please arrive between 16:00 and 18:00. The retreat will end at 10:30 on the last day.

For long events (4 nights or more) you can pay either the £78 non-refundable deposit or the full amount.

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Start Date: 30th Oct 2020
End Date: 6th Nov 2020
Deposit: £78
Price: £259 (Waged/Supported (including deposit)) / £182 (Unwaged/Unsupported (including deposit))

Bursary Fund - If you can’t afford to come on retreat you might be interested in applying for our Bursary Fund.

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