Adhisthana Retreats

Event Title: Throne of Jewels, Carpet of Lotus, Disc of a Moon - Avalokitesvara Sadhana

Led by Lokeshvara, Parami + Saddhaloka

‘As forms in a glass, deities in ourselves we image:
Image and void conjoined are maya’s dance;
Dancer like, divers costumes make him fair:
Fair, comely, mirrored image of the mind. 

With single-pointed devotion to the guru above your head…

Truly complete Buddha Measureless Light,

I entreat you to think of me with a kindly heart...

Transmute us that we swiftly gain Buddhahood.’

Come and join the dance, down through the centuries, entering into the Sadhana passed to Bhante by Jamyang Khyentse Rimpoche on 24th October 1957 in Kalimpong... passed on to us... and through us…on and on...

Om Mani Padme Hum

This retreat is open to all Order members, regardless of whether you have practised the Avalokitesvara sadhana before.   

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Start Date: 14th Sep 2018
End Date: 21st Sep 2018
Deposit: £78
Price: £259 (Waged/Supported (including deposit)) / £182 (Unwaged/Unsupported (including deposit))

Bursary Fund - If you can’t afford to come on retreat you might be interested in applying for our Bursary Fund.