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Event Title: Combined UK + Ireland Area Order Weekend: Padmasambhava in the World

##Please note we have filled our indoor room spaces for this event.
Please get in touch with the office at if you would like to be added to the waiting list rather than booking online.##

Combined UK & Ireland Area Order Weekend 24th-27th August, Adhisthana:
Padmasambhava in the world

Padmasambhava is a much loved figure for many members of the Order, including Bhante. In 1979, Bhante gave a seminal talk during Padmasambhava day celebrations at the LBC. In that talk he evoked Padmasambhava as a figure of the powerful transformation needed to deal with samsara. He said:

So we have to go out in various directions as it were, and this is what we do with our Centres, with our communities, with our co-ops, they're all ways of contacting different aspects of life and transforming them, transfiguring them because this is essentially what our whole movement is all about. …It's a stream of spiritual energy, which deeply transforms and transfigures everything and everyone with whom and with which it comes into contact. So this is what Padmasambhava did. ...So this is the sort of thing that we must do: allow ourselves to be in contact with these energies, especially the deeper energies within our own selves, and transform them, and go forward along the Path with renewed energy, renewed strength and renewed inspiration.

We hope to evoke the transformative power of this spirit that flows through us using Bhante’s description of the guru and the Terton, the teacher and the treasure finder, as keys with which we unlock the mystery of the triple robed precious guru.

We have limited indoor accommodation, so to enable as many of us as possible to attend please choose to camp for a reduced rate in our beautiful field if you are able to. The weekend will run from Friday 24th to Monday 27th August, ending after lunch and a clear-up on Monday - please stay for the clear up where possible.

To help us cater for such large numbers, please state your arrival and departure times clearly if you will be arriving late or leaving early; and give clear notes on any medical dietary requirements, restricting these to what is essential.

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The indoor accommodation will be a mixture of twin rooms and larger rooms. Please note we have filled our quota of single rooms for this event. Please get in touch with the office at if you have a medical need, or limited mobility.

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You can come as a day visitor, staying in local accommodation, and attend all the activities and meals.

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As usual, there will be opportunities to help and contribute to the weekend. More information will be released with the programme, but for now, please consider whether you can help in the following two areas, and contact

First Aider (you need a current first aid certificate)

Help with the Sound Desk (no previous experience necessary)

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Start Date: 24th Aug 2018
End Date: 27th Aug 2018

Bursary Fund - If you can’t afford to come on retreat you might be interested in applying for our Bursary Fund.