Men's Area Order Weekend

Led by Regional Order Convenors

…the purpose of meeting in order chapters is to help us to get to know and trust our spiritual friends and to go for refuge more deeply. They are usually regarded as a spiritual workshop with an emphasis on confession.

If we are in a chapter, how well is it working ? If we are not in a chapter, why have we made that choice ? How effective is it to meet on-line ? And is reporting in, the best use of a chapter meeting ?

This order weekend is an opportunity to explore these issues with a keynote talk from Lokeshvara, a symposium featuring order members with differing levels of experience and a ‘life of the order meeting’ as trialled on the November order weekend.

Reception is from 4pm on the day of arrival, with the retreat beginning with supper at 6pm.

While you’re here you will be participating in communal life. This includes meditating with everyone on site in the main shrine room in the morning, taking part in daily tasks and at the end of your retreat you will help us to prepare the retreat centre for the next group to join us.

With this in mind, the retreat will finish after the clear-up, so if travelling on public transport, please book a train after 3pm.

The deposit for all our events is non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances. For this event, the deposit is £50.

Please contact the office to check for single room availability.

For: Dharmacharis

Start date: 2nd Feb 2024
End date: 4th Feb 2024
Event Type: Residential

Price: Standard £110  |  Concession £85  |  Financial Assistance £65
Price per night: Per-Night Standard £55  |  Per-Night Concession £45  |  Per-Night Financial Assistance £35
Non-refundable deposit: £50 (included in prices above)

Bursary Fund: Help those who can't afford to come on retreat
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Bookings are closed for this Event.

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