Womens Regional Order Weekend - Midwest Region

Led by Saddhanandi, Karunamaya and Vajradevi

"There is something about the movement, the Order and even about me that
is not easily definable. There is a touch of something that cannot be
buttoned down, something that cannot in the end be defined. Even the
desire to button it down or define it is a mistake... Everyone will need
to take care of that rather mysterious, indefinable spirit that gives
the movement life and energy. Everyone must play their part in keeping
the Order and movement alive, especially in terms of that indefinable
element." Sangharakshita

Join Karunamaya, along with Saddhanandi and Vajradevi, to hear about
and engage with Karunamaya's life and work for the dharma in India
encompassing much of her adult life, and to explore in groups our own
turning points and significant decisions, through the path of our
spiritual life so far.

The Indian theme will be continued through the weekend with Public
Preceptors Vijaya and Abhayadana (visiting from India) leading us in
puja and a mystery event. On the Sunday there will be a chance to hear
and ask about the ordination team and process in India, along with
showing some slides.

On the back of a very successful and richly rewarding convention, I
really hope many of us will be able to attend.

with much metta,


Reception is from 4pm on the day of arrival, with the retreat beginning with supper at 6pm.

The retreat will finish in the afternoon. If traveling on public transport, please book a train after 3pm.

For: Dharmacharinis

Start date: 30th Sep 2022
End date: 2nd Oct 2022
Event Type: Residential

Price: Waged/Supported £95  |  Unwaged/Unsupported £70
No deposit

Bursary Fund: Help those who can't afford to come on retreat
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Bookings are closed for this Event.

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