Retreat on the Bodhicitta Practice for Order members (Online)

Led by Vessantara

Over recent months, our shared led Bodhicitta Practice on Sundays has connected hundreds of us around the world. In these challenging times we’ve discovered the power of this shared meditation: to resource us and link us to the Dharma, to tune in directly to our deep links with one another, and to join together on a heart level to respond to the world’s suffering. This feels like an excellent time for a retreat to explore this practice more fully and find ways to take it deeper.

Read Vessantara's words on the retreat [link url=]here[/link]

The programme will include presentations, led meditations, groups and devotional practice.

There will be 4 sessions a day:
1) 7.00am UK/ 8.00am Central Europe/ 11.30am India/ 4.00pm Sydney/ 7.00pm Auckland/ 11.00pm San Francisco/ 1.00am Mexico City/ 2.00am New York (a hour and a half)
2) 10.00am UK/ 11.00am Central Europe/ 2.30pm India/ 7.00pm Sydney/ 10.00pm Auckland/ 2.00am San Francisco / 4.00am Mexico City / 5.00am New York (two hours)
3) 4.00pm UK/ 5.00pm Central Europe/ 8.30pm India/ 1.00am Sydney/ 4.00 am Auckland/ 8.00am San Francisco/ 10.00am Mexico City/ 11.00am New York
4) 7.30pm UK/ 8.30pm Central Europe/ 12.00am India/ 4.30am Sydney/ 7.30am Auckland/ 11.30am San Francisco/ 1.30pm Mexico City/ 2.30pm New York (an hour)

The first day will start with Session 2 and the last day will end with Session 3.

Maitripala and Dharmananda will run an additional session for your time zones in place of session 3, and session 4 will be available to watch at your convenience. Please note New Zealand will have moved to Daylight Saving Time.
The 4 sessions be at the corresponding times (and split over two days):
1) 4.00pm Sydney / 7.00pm Auckland (Live from Adhisthana)
2) 7.00pm Sydney / 10.00pm Auckland (Live from Adhisthana)
** SLEEP **
3) 11am Sydney / 2pm Auckland (Replay & Breakout Groups with Maitripala & Dharmananda)
4) Recording available to watch when convenient during the afternoon
N.B. The retreat will finish on the 4th October for this timezone.

Uploading Sessions: To support those who cannot attend all sessions, we will have sessions 2, 3 and 4 available as video recordings within one hour of the end of the session.

Partial Attendance
Although it’s best if you commit yourself to the retreat, Vessantara is happy for you to attend only the sessions your situation allows.

Any amount donated is entirely up to you but as a guideline we invite an amount of £150 waged and £50 unwaged, but feel free to give as much as you can and is appropriate to your circumstances. Vessantara was planning on leading a Bodhicitta retreat from home, but hearing how financially severe the impact of the Coronavirus lock down been on the Adhisthana community, he has offered to run this as an Adhisthana retreat and to share any dana for the retreat with him.

For Order Members

Start Date: 28th Sep 2020
End Date: 3rd Oct 2020
Event Type: Residential

Contribute dana towards this event
An opportunity to contribute dana to help Adhisthana continue to offer events like this.

Bookings are closed for this Event.

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