Thus have I heard… | Combined Area Order Weekend

22 – 25 August | Led by Adhisthana Teaching Community

Although the words ‘Thus have I heard’, have a literal historic meaning, they also suggest something more esoteric…  just as the historical Ananda listened to the Buddha, so the Ananda inside us hears the voice of truth within…

Sangharakshita, The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment

Following last year’s very successful Area Order Weekend, members of the Adhisthana Community will share their explorations of Bhante’s teaching again, through talks; small groups looking more deeply at a some of our core teachings; meditation and ritual.

We’ll send more details of the talks and the study later in the year, but meantime hope you’ll save the date.

Reception is from 3pm on the day of arrival, with the retreat beginning with supper at 6pm.

The retreat will finish in the afternoon. If traveling on public transport, please book a train after 3pm.

English (UK)