Bhante, Blake, and Vision

10 – 12/17 may | led by Ratnaprabha, Satyalila, Amitajyoti, Aryavachin

A long-standing part of the Adhisthana programme, this retreat draws on our imaginations and creativity to integrate dharma practice and practitioners with the new (to Buddhism) cultural context of the Western tradition. Expect personal exploration through gateways such as drawing, painting, writing, communication, meditation, guided journeys, ritual, and song. The event will be held within the supportive context of a spiritual community.

This year’s theme will be ‘vision’, the subject on which Bhante most often referred to Blake. This retreat is an opportunity to learn from and enter into that vision and play and transform in its light.  

Suitable for those familiar and unfamiliar with the work of William Blake. Come for the whole thing or just the weekend!


My Spectre stands there white as snow;
Whate’er I ask, he answers ‘No’.
Till I can melt him with my fire
He blocks the path of my desire.

My Emanation, weak and poor,
Lies outstretched upon the floor.
Till I can claim her for my own
Both of us must howl and groan.

Therefore will I, all I can,
Build up complete the Fourfold Man,
Head and heart, and loins fine,
And hands and feet, all made divine.

Banish single vision far!
With double vision ever war!
Fourfold vision night and day
Light and guide you on your way.

In that fourfold vision bright
See the whole world with delight.
Rock and stone, and flower and tree,
And bird and beast, are men like thee.

Men like thee, and women too,
Androgynous, ever-new –
Divine Imaginations free
Exulting in Eternity.

Sangharakshita, 1970s

English (UK)