Residential Dharma Life Courses

The Dharma Life Courses are five-month residential programmes at Adhisthana providing a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of Triratna Buddhism. They are aimed at mitras and people training for ordination.

Half of the people on all the previous courses have come from outside the UK. This internationality is an important aspect of the course. It creates connections across our community and helps take the benefit of the course out into the world; so we welcome international applicants.

The Dharma Life Course (DLC) is an opportunity to live an intensive Dharma Life: living, practising, studying and working together with your DLC community while held within the wider context of Adhisthana. It is designed to deepen your Dharma knowledge and practice, providing an opportunity to live an intensive Dharma life. The course offers an experience of living as a community and working together as a spiritual practice. As well as Dharma study, and a series of retreats (taking Sangharakshita’s System of Practice as a framework), the course will include some skills training (e.g. communication, facilitation, creative writing), and an introduction to some of the structures and distinctive emphases of Triratna. The course will be overseen by a team of Order members, who will draw on the experience and skills of others within the Order to lead particular weeks.

This course will be fully residential, and you will be living in a designated community space at Adhisthana. Community living is an important part of the course and you will be sharing a room whilst you are here. You will have a community night, and a Going For Refuge group if you have asked for Ordination. The course will also participate in the life of the wider Adhisthana community, meditating with them on a daily basis. Each person on the course will have a Kalyana Mitra in the respective community as a point of connection, and you will join the Adhisthana sangha for their community night on three occasions throughout the course.

There will be a work periods throughout the week to give you an experience of work as a spiritual practice as well as to help with the maintenance and development of Adhisthana. You will have two weeks off during the course, and weekends will mostly be free. Occasionally there are weekend events, when you will have two days off in the week instead.

The course is primarily aimed at mitras and people who have asked for ordination. This is an inspiring opportunity that requires a high level of commitment and a willingness to engage in an intense living situation. Come to deepen your experience of going for refuge at the heart of the Triratna community.