Bodhikamala, What Adhisthana Means to Me

BY BODHIKAMALA, Chair, Toluca Buddhist Centre, Mexico

On the recent International Course we developed a collective vision; a deeper understanding of what it really means to belong to the Order (and I truly believe this is one of the key elements that Adhisthana has to offer to the world), the principles of Triratna, the fundamental vision of Bhante, the practical needs of the movement all with an eye to the future. In a more symbolic way, I experienced it as if we were weaving a little piece of Indra’s immense web, cultivating deep friendships, and so strengthening common principles and values. 

Adhisthana has given me so much: deeply transformative and integrating experiences which allowed me to learn the value of service; deep, beautiful friendships; community living experiences; and the privilege and pleasure of meeting Bhante in person (and now, symbolically) and getting a sense of his presence, his personality and his energy. This magical place offers this and much more to everyone who visits. It’s the core of our movement, the heart of our Sangha and it keeps beating, filled with life, with the energy of our collective shraddha and Kalyana Mitrata.

This blog is an excerpt from the Tenth Anniversary book which can be viewed online or bought from Adhisthana.

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