New Adhisthana Website

Throughout the lockdowns of the last year, members of the Adhisthana operations team have been busy building a new website.

The need for a new website had long been acknowledged, but remained on the to-do list. That is until, forced to close, there was more capacity to undertake this significant project.

Saddhanandi had a vision for the website as being cathedral like – spacious, beautiful and evocative. Drawing inspiration from The Hepworth Wakefield art gallery website, Caroline, Ben and James have been working hard on this for several months. Dhammarati often shared his design knowledge, as well as friends and other members of the Adhisthana community feeding back.

The new website isn’t just a change from the old one, it’s a complete redesign.

The site is now much more mobile friendly, which is essential as over 40% of users view the site on their mobile or tablet.

The aesthetic of the website has also completely changed. We wanted the website to more accurately reflect something of Adhisthana, to better communicate the beauty of the spiritual vision for this place.

The structure of the menu has been massively simplified, so you can easily come and see the latest news from Adhisthana, stream recordings from previous talks and retreats, learn more about the Adhisthana project, and explore ways to engage with and participate in Adhisthana. If you want to book onto a retreat, all the information you need is available on the Calendar page. There is a lot of practical information available in the footer too, so we invite you to explore, familiarise yourself with the new layout, and hopefully enjoy the upgrade!

There are still improvements to be made, so the project is not yet ‘finished’. One example of an improvement that will happen in the near future is the addition of translations of many pages. We hope to have multiple languages available in due course, to reflect the internationality of Triratna, and enable the breadth of our Sangha to engage with this place, the final home of Urgyen Sangharakshita. If you’re able to translate and tech savvy to boot, we would love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new site, and please bear with us if you notice any teething problems.

English (UK)