Dhammarati joins the Dharma Team Full Time

The Dharma Team at Adhisthana formed during the lockdowns of 2020 out of a process of considering more deeply the future of Adhisthana, and it’s place in keeping alive the breadth and depth of Bhante’s presentation of the Dharma, so future generations can benefit. The team is made up of residential community members who are working closely together to direct and support Adhisthana’s spiritual vision. As this vision became more clearly articulated, the range of the project revealed itself, as did the realisation that to serve it well the Dharma Team would require more full time support.

Dhammarati who had been engaged as the coordinator for the International Council since its inception over a decade ago, was willing to hand on these responsibilities to the next generation; Akasajoti and Arthavadin, thus enabling him to fully turn towards the blossoming Dharma team and Adhisthana.

We are delighted that such a capable and experienced Order Member has decided to devote themselves to this project full time. The Adhisthana Community celebrated this over dinner, with Saddhanandi welcoming Dhammarati and sharing with the rest of the community some of the work the Dharma Team have been doing recently. The occasion was also marked by chocolate and orange marble cake!

In due course, more people will join the Dharma Team full-time, such as Ratnaghosha, who will be moving to Adhisthana in the Autumn of 2021. We are also actively looking for more experienced Order members to join this residential team.

You can read more about the project; “Another Turning of the Wheel” here.

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