With Hands Folded in Reverence | Seminar Retreat

20 – 27 Sept | led by Paramartha

One thing — when developed & pursued — leads solely to disenchantment, to dispassion, to cessation, to stilling, to direct knowledge, to self-awakening, to Unbinding. Which one thing? Recollection of the Buddha.

AN 1.287-296

I will sing you the praises of the way to the beyond

A key to the spiritual life, the imagination is a major aspect of our practice within the Triratna Buddhist Order. On this retreat, immerse your heart and mind in recollecting the Buddha, develop and engage your imagination as we come together to practice Buddhanusati, a practice the Buddha himself was said to have taught.

You too should let that strength release you. You too will go to the further shore.

We will study, reflect, meditate as well as engage in devotional ritual together. Study materials will be drawn from both traditional sources as well as Sangharakshita’s seminar material, writings and poetry.

I shall go beyond change. I shall go beyond comparisons. There are no more doubts. You may consider this as mind released.

Seminar Retreats offer an intimate setting to look in-depth at Bhante’s exposition of key texts, bring us closer to the mind behind the teaching, and understand their relevance to our lives and practice. Places are very limited so book early.