Local Order Members BBQ

Since Adhisthana opened in 2013 an ever-increasing sangha of Order Members has moved to the area to be close to Adhisthana (and a few were already here). Malvern is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so it’s also not a bad part of the country to live in.  It’s a wonderful development to have this …

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Dr Samuel Johnson

Sangharakshita would often quote Dr. Johnson in his talks and writings. His portrait was displayed in Sangharakshita’s bedroom at Urgyen House. In this video blog Paramartha explores the connection between Sangharakshita and his eighteenth-century literary hero. You can also see the video on the Urgyen House website. Urgyen House, at Adhisthana, has proved a popular …

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Saddhaloka’s reflections on the Tibetan Book of the Dead Retreat

The Tibetan Book of the Dead appeared in an English translation by W Y Evans-Wentz nearly 100 years ago, a time when few Buddhist scriptures and books about Buddhism were available, and since then it has played a significant part in introducing many Westerners to Buddhism. In September 1979, at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, Urgyen Sangharakshita …

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The Adhisthana Teaching Community Gathering

In November, members of the Adhisthana Teaching Community gathered together over several days to connect and to study together. This Teaching Community is drawn mainly from those Order members who’ve been involved in teaching at Adhisthana over the last few years. Thinking of this group of order members as a ‘community’, we hope, will encourage …

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A Retreat of Conquerers

Adhisthana has been delighted to be hosting small self-led retreats over the course of the last year. There have been a few camping weekends, but as the temperatures have now dropped, it’s also lovely having friends come together here and use indoor spaces, alongside our programme of other events and retreats. The three ‘jits’ came …

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