Shakyapada, What Adhisthana Means to Me

BY SHAKYAPADA, Chair, York Buddhist Centre

Saddhanandi had invited a small group of us to come for a short retreat to ritually accept a Bhante Box and to place our small Amoghasiddhi rupa in the shrine wall. This was to officially mark York Buddhist Group becoming a Triratna Centre the year before.

We meditated, we wandered around, we reflected in the beautiful gardens. We also had a precious opportunity to visit Urgyen House together and experienced Bhante’s presence in the rooms where he sat and slept during his final years. 

Adhisthana wove its magic around us, and every one of us was moved by the depth of our experience there. It was a significant, auspicious retreat in the short history of one of Triratna’s newest centres and, it deepened both our practice and our friendship.

This blog is an excerpt from the Tenth Anniversary book which can be viewed online or bought from Adhisthana.