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Adhisthana is central to the Triratna Buddhist movement, and yet there is something indefinable about it. It is a place of legacy, of lineage. It is home to our most sacred shrine – the memorial garden of Urgyen Sangharakshita. It is a hub, a meeting place, a home for the sangha. A place where everyone can come and feel welcome.

We have only been open a few years, but already it’s hard to imagine the Triratna Buddhist movement without Adhisthana. An immense amount of devoted work goes into keeping it running, and we want to keep improving. There is a huge amount of potential for this place. So much more we want to do to ensure Bhante’s teachings are remembered.

But this takes a lot of resources. There is a small, dedicated team, and a vast project and vision for this place. By donating, you will be strengthening not only Adhisthana, but the whole Triratna community, and the communication of the Dharma around the world.

We are hugely appreciative of however much you can give – whether that is a one-off amount or a regular gift. Monthly donations enable us to plan more effectively, meaning your money will have an even greater impact.

दान करा

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Please also note that Adhisthana is titled ‘Triratna Preceptors College Trust’.