Furnishing the Courtyard

Recently Yashodeva was visiting Croome Court, a National Trust property, and noticed a trailer being loaded with old tables and chairs, while brand new furniture was being prepared for distribution. Yashodeva approached the woman who appeared to be in charge and asked if she would be interested in selling the old furniture. To his delight, she accepted a donation of £5 per chair and £10 per table.

During the Order Weekend, Yashodeva, Sangharuchi and Marcus drove to collect the furniture. They were able to obtain 47 chairs and 22 tables for a fraction of their retail value.

The chairs and tables were in need of some TLC, having been stored away and neglected for some time. Marcus, Drew and the women on the Dharma Life Course set to work cleaning, sanding, and oiling the furniture to restore it to its former glory. The process involved lubricating the joints to allow the furniture to unfold, cleaning it with hot water and vinegar to remove mould. There was even an opportunity to use the pressure washer!

After the furniture was cleaned and dried, the team sanded the surfaces to prepare them for oiling. They used a natural oil that needed to be applied in two layers and left to soak in between each layer. Once oiled, the furniture needed to dry and cure for several days before being ready to use.

The result was stunning. The oak tables and chairs were of exceptional quality, and very few of them needed repair. The heavy construction made them sturdy and durable, perfect for outdoor use. The hard work has paid off, and the tables and chairs are now out in the courtyard in time for the warmer weather. We look forward to you being here to enjoy them soon.