Adhisthana Community ‘At Home’

Adhisthana Sangha

Last week the resident community at Adhisthana spent a few days ‘at home’ together.

There was some study led by Parami on the Dasadhamma Sutta – the ten points to be reflected on by one who has ‘gone forth’; we had couple of inspiring and energising sessions facilitated by Saddhanandi, evoking the vision of Adhisthana and imagining what it will become in five years time; and a day spent exploring how we live together as a community to serve that vision.

On Dharma Day we invited Sangha from the local area, and the young women’s Dharma Life course, to join us for the evening in celebration and listened to three talks on Revering, Relying and Serving the Dharma, by Amalavajra, Hattie and Sanghadasa before having a puja.

The photo was taken on our last morning together (with a few people missing!) following a special breakfast to close.