Recently a fascinating new exhibition called ‘Foundations’ opened at Urgyen House in Adhisthana exploring Sangharakshita’s years 1965 – 1970. Now in this latest video blog Paramartha introduces some of the key themes of the exhibition.

In 1964 Sangharakshita responded to a request to visit the UK and help resolve difficulties in the small British Buddhist sangha but, because of what he found, his intended six-month visit became a permanent return.

The exhibition tells the story of those first six years using his personal diaries, correspondence, lectures, news reports, photographs and some fascinating objects. Hampstead Buddhist Vihara, his friendship with Terry Delamare, trips to Europe and India, Christmas Humphreys, Lama Govinda, finding Western cultural connections with the Dharma, the beginnings in Monmouth Street, the first ordinations, the first years of the new Western Buddhist Order, along with other themes are all explored through the Urgyen House archive collections. 

The exhibition runs until August 2025 at Urgyen House and can also be viewed online.