February at Adhisthana

The first few months of every year are usually a bit quieter. With fewer people on site this means the cooks have a chance to get more creative; Jayadhi made a great Pad Thai, Bodhiketu created a spicy Lasagne, and Harry has been mastering a variety of recipes that you’ll get a chance to taste when you’re next here.

There are changes afoot again as Prajnanita hands over being manager to Prakashamitra. She will now be the Director – a new role which hasn’t existed at Adhisthana before. This will enable her to offer her many skills in serving the Women’s Dharma Life Courses and supporting Khemabandhu as Chair, as well as Prakashamitra as Manager. Vilasamuni will be Prakashamitra’s deputy, so there is always someone on hand to help the other members of the Operations Team.

The Teaching Community gathered for a meeting this month as well, exploring some of the more challenging teachings we have received, reflecting on them in a modern context and examining perspectives that draw out the underlying principles.

We celebrated Maria and Caroline’s birthdays – always a joyous occasion and an opportunity to rejoice in fellow community members. Some of the younger members of the community also went out for a ‘Fralantines’ dinner (portmanteau of Friends and Valentines). This was hosted locally at a friend from the weekly drop-in class’s house in Ledbury.

We also have a few new friends from the village; neighbours who have joined us to learn to meditate – it has been lovely getting to know them, as well as hosting some folk from the Houghton Project for a day; a local adult and community learning project.