Wifi Access from January 2024

Starting from January 2024, we are introducing a slight adjustment to our wifi accessibility during retreats. We want to create a more retreat-like atmosphere for those coming here, and so will be restricting general access to the wifi for retreatants.

Anyone attending a meeting here will still have access, as well as guests who are not here on a specific retreat. If you have a specific need for internet access during a retreat you are attending here, you can discuss it with your retreat leader. In case of emergencies, the landline phone in the reception building remains the most reliable way to get in touch with emergency services.

If you need to give someone an emergency contact number, there are two options. The office phone number is 01531 641726. This number is checked daily but is not covered 24/7. There is also a phone number in reception (which is open all the time) and you can check throughout your stay. The number for this phone is 01531 640972.

We are making this change to support those attending retreats here to be able to fully immerse themselves in their experience. In an increasingly connected world, opportunities to go offline are becoming rare, and we want to protect the atmosphere that is created through practitioners coming together and being present with each other.

We look forward to having you here and to co-creating an environment together that continues to support practice.