Welcoming two new Order Members into the Adhisthana Community

We are delighted that Patrick, who joined the community in January 2021 has become Prakashamitra, “He who is a bright and shining friend.” He was ordained by Ratnaghosha. For those who have met Prakashamitra in the years he has lived at Adhisthana, his name will not come as a surpise as he has grown to increasingly embody his commitment to friendship and radiating warmth around the Adhisthana site.

Another cherished addition to the Order is Marcus Lagerqvist, who attended the Dharma Life Course in 2017. He has been back at Adhisthana for a few months over 2023 and has been rejoiced in for his easy, light and steady presence in the community. It’s therefore no surprise that Satyaraja has ordained him as Lalitanaga, meaning “playful naga.” We look forward to having him back in the UK!

It seems the Adhisthana Order Community is an ever-widening circle. We wish them both the best for the rest of their ordination retreat and will see them back here soon.