Looking back on Adhisthana’s 2022 International Course: A film by Prasadachitta

Last year, we had the privilege of hosting a one-month international course for Order Members from around the world, aiming to provide training, support, and the opportunity to forge deep friendships and connections within the international sangha.

Led by a team of Order members who live and work at Adhisthana, participants delved into the four lineages – inspiration, teachings, practices, and responsibility. There was also training in leading study groups and creating a culture of feedback; hopefully giving participants the confidence and tools needed to contribute more effectively to the growth and development of participants local sangha’s.

One of the most significant aspects of the course is the opportunity for participants to form deep, meaningful connections with fellow Order Members from around the world. The shared experiences, discussions, and moments of practice forge lifelong friendships, strengthening the Order and deepening the bonds of Kalyāṇa-mittatā. This film was made by Prasadachitta, and gives a small preview into the world of the International Course.