Ksantikara, What Adhisthana Means to Me

BY KSANTIKARA, Young Buddhist Convenor

For close to eight years now I’ve been gathering alongside other people in their twenties for weekend retreats here. Many of my closest friends have been made through these Young Buddhist retreats. Adhisthana is a genuine hub of international friendship, a sacred spot where the future of Triratna becomes fused together.

It is difficult to put into words how much I love the Young Buddhist Project and how much the blessings of Adhisthana are responsible for its success.  

When I met Bhante (at Adhisthana) a few years before his death he was clearly pleased by the momentum of the Young Buddhist Project. As I stood up to leave, I turned to him and said: ‘Bhante, I’m so grateful for what you’ve created, for everything you’ve done’, he paused and said, ‘… and now it’s over to you, huh.’ He didn’t mean ‘me’ as such, he meant us! 

This blog is an excerpt from the Tenth Anniversary book which can be viewed online or bought from Adhisthana.