Local Order Members BBQ

Since Adhisthana opened in 2013 an ever-increasing sangha of Order Members has moved to the area to be close to Adhisthana (and a few were already here). Malvern is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so it’s also not a bad part of the country to live in. 

It’s a wonderful development to have this growing local Order Sangha and reflect the important place Adhisthana holds. Many of them are in chapters together, and it’s rare that one can visit Malvern without bumping into an Order Member! I do wonder how long it will be until a Triratna Buddhist Centre pops up in Malvern.

We recently took advantage of the warm weather during a quiet period here and had a spontaneous BBQ to bring us all together – 8 households of local order members, guests, and the Adhisthana community. What a delight!