Coronavirus: An Update

The current emerging conditions of the world have brought to the fore both fragility of life and our lifestyles along with the wide impact of our individual choices. It has been obvious that the only appropriate action was to play our small part in the nation’s strategy to minimise the potential suffering that could be caused by this virus and close Adhisthana to retreatants and meetings until the start of May. We will be reviewing this date in light of the changing circumstances and will inform those booked onto an event if they are subsequently cancelled.

As a way to support centres and groups that may be financially struggling as a result of having to close during this time, we are inviting those whose retreats are cancelled to donate their deposit (or more), which we will pass on to those centres in need.

This has raised the question of what is Adhisthana’s purpose when there’s no flow of Sangha through our courtyard. We have never defined Adhisthana as a retreat centre. Retreats have been just a single element. The community, the order office, the international council and the college continue to play their roles. Primarily, Adhisthana is a place of blessing and the resting place of our teacher, Urgyen Sangharakshita. For us this period is a wonderful opportunity to come together on the basis of the Dharma and dig deeper to collectively uncover that treasures that he has left us and to live together upholding the teachings, values and practices he has given us. We will also endeavour to meet any need for help in our local community.

We wish everyone the best in whatever circumstances you currently face, particularly those at the sharp end of this pandemic.

Operations Manager