This Rare and Precious Opportunity | Seminar Retreat

11 – 18 oct | led by Saddhaloka + Vilasamuni

The Precepts of the Gurus is a text attributed to Gampopa, Milarepa’s chief disciple, and founder of the Tibetan Kagyu tradition. It offers challenging and inspiring teachings that lay out exactly  what helps, and what undermines, an effective life in the Dharma.

Between 1978 and 1980 Bhante led four weekend seminars on the Precepts of the Gurus for small groups of Order members and mitras. These seminars had a strong influence on the fast growing Order and movement.

Some 45 years on we return to the text and seminars, intending to go into them deeply with a small group of fellow Order members, mining whatever treasures are there and bringing them to bear in our own life and practice. As well as refreshing and deepening our own inspiration and understanding, we also hope the experience of the seminar will give those attending the confidence and clarity to themselves to go on to share with others whatever the text has opened up for them.

Seminar Retreats offer an intimate setting to look in-depth at Bhante’s exposition of key texts, bring us closer to the mind behind the teaching, and understand their relevance to our lives and practice. Places are very limited so book early.