Saddhajala, What Adhisthana Means to Me

BY SADDHAJALA, Women’s Mitra Convenor, Krakow, Poland

Two phrases come to my mind when I think of Adhisthana: a sacred mandala and home for the international Sangha. It is a place where the transcendental and the mythical create the foundation for a place that is outside of space and time. A heart for the movement where we can find what is most meaningful in our lives, in our precious community by connecting with the spirit of our teacher Bhante Sangharakshita and his revolutionary vision of the Sangha.

During the first women’s Dharma Life course I experienced life in harmony, love, deep connections, life that finally had a true meaning. From that time I made longstanding friendships that last until now. Adhisthana provided strong and firm conditions for all that to happen. 

After the course I stayed at Adhisthana and lived and worked there for another two and a half years. It was the place where my dear teacher lived at that time. Being able to meet Bhante, to talk to him, to feel his enormous energy and to experience his blessings and love is something that stays with me after all these years, giving me courage to face difficulties in life and to continuously expand my heart.

This blog is an excerpt from the Tenth Anniversary book which can be viewed En linea or bought from Adhisthana.