Beth, What Adhisthana Means to Me

BY BETH, Mitra attending classes at Adhisthana

I first came to Adhisthana on the Young Person’s Guru’s Advice festival retreat in August 2021 and since then it has been a constancy for me. Through retreats, weekly classes and volunteering I enjoy the space that Adhisthana holds for deep spiritual work, friendship and learning.  Particularly memorable moments for me at Adhisthana in the last year have been: garden work with Sanghadeva, pruning roses and planting beneath the wonderful oaks; hearing Sangharakshita’s poem ‘New’ for the first time; wandering through the wildflower meadow in summer; conversations after coming out of silence; and painting the Refuge Tree shrine room on a working retreat.  

In both subtle and obvious ways my life has been changed by Adhisthana. I consider myself so fortunate that it is my nearest centre and I am very grateful to those who have held the space there in one way or another.

This blog is an excerpt from the Tenth Anniversary book which can be viewed En linea or bought from Adhisthana.