Our Pricing Policy for 2015

We have a lot of different kinds of events at Adhisthana. There are our own retreats and training events, various meetings, order weekends, local sanghas holding their weekend retreats here, and many different groupings who are able to come and practice together – such as re-union retreats, retreats of preceptees with their preceptor, and lots more.

The place is really humming now, many people say they love Adhisthana and the atmosphere here. One of the advantages of the facilities is that we can hold different events at the same time, so you get these delightful surprise meetings and cross-overs between people on different events. It really is coming alive as a heart, or a hub, or a meeting place for the whole sangha.

With so many different things happening we wanted a pricing policy that was simple and consistent. So, for most events in 2015 (except for where a local sangha, or group of people are running their own event here) we are charging £35 per night if you are waged or supported by a Triratna Institution, or £25 if you are unwaged.

If you book and pay to come on an event we’ll also ask if you can contribute to our bursary fund. Please do make a donation if you can. Anything you give will go directly towards helping others to come on retreats and events here.

If you are unable to come on an event for financial reasons, please do contact us about getting a bursary place. We will make a number of bursary places available for each event, on a first come, first served basis. We’ll just ask you to donate something towards the costs if you can, and it really is fine for you to donate whatever you are able or not at all.