The Divided Brain (Need Picture)

A Nature of Mind exploration of the mind starting with the work by Dr Ian McGillcrhist on the two hemisphere brain

‘There are, it seems to me, four main pathways to the truth: science, reason, intuition, and imagination. I also believe strongly that any world view that tries to get by without paying due respect to all four of these is bound to fail’

The Divided Brain. An interview with Dr Ian McGillchrist

Join Jnanavaca for a remarkable conversation with psychiatrist, writer, and literary scholar, Dr Iain McGilchrist about brain science and transcendence.

Topics covered include: consciousness and matter, the limits of the intellect, the importance of a transcendent ideal, ritual and myth, among many others.

The Nature of Mind: Four Paths to truth s

Join this follow up seminar ofthe interview with Dr Ian McGillchrist where Jnanavaca explores the thinking of Dr Iain McGilchrist, particularly as it relates to meditation, Buddhism and the pursuit of living a deeply meaningful human life.

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