If you are arriving by train our nearest station is Colwall but you’re advised to go to Ledbury if you need a taxi due to all but one of the taxi companies being Ledbury based so actually charge more to pick-up from Colwall. You need to book a taxi in advance by phone to meet you from either station as there isn’t a taxi rank. Ask to be taken to Coddington Court (the taxi driver may know it as Coddington Court School). The fare will be approximately £12.

These are companies we have used:

Filip – 07903112849
G and T Taxis – 07922 126136/01531 636644
Colwall Cabbie (does not work Sundays or after 7pm) – 01684 540717/07836 339019
Ledbury Taxi Service – 01531 633596/07836 777196
Venture Taxis – 01531 633822/07889 299283
(People Carriers available for 7 and 8, for £35 from Colwall and £25 from Ledbury)
T.A Taxis 07877915156 phone or text 1-6 seaters available

There are more taxis at Great Malvern but the journey will cost more.