Adhisthana Retreats

Event Title: The Greatly Precious Guru
: Padmasambhava Sadhana for Dharmacharinis

Led by Srisambhava, Karunachitta + Visuddhimati

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‘I felt that in seeing the figure of Padmasambhava I had become conscious of a spiritual presence that had in fact been with me all the time…In other words, that magical figure had activated, at a very deep level, a part of me that hitherto had lain dormant and unrecognised. Though I had not seen it before, it was strangely familiar. It was familiar as my own self, yet at the same time infinitely mysterious, infinitely wonderful, and infinitely inspiring. Familiar, mysterious, wonderful and inspiring it was to remain. Indeed, the Precious Guru was to occupy a permanent place in my spiritual life.’
Facing Mount Kanchenjunga, Sangharakshita, 1991

In 1962, ten years after Bhante's first encounter with Padmasambhava, he was introduced to the visualisation practice of him by Kachu Rimpoche. In performing this Sadhana practice, and devoting ourselves to the Greatly Precious Guru, we will open ourselves up to the strangely familiar, and infinitely mysterious Lotus-Born and enter into the magical display of openness and appearance.

‘During the time of insight which is surrounded by a calm and gentle aura, openness and appearance are inseparable. The six senses come forth though appearance and voidness are inseparable; this is the real foundation without which no means exist.’
Padmasambhava’s Advice to Queen Ngang Chung

This retreat is open to all Dharmacharinis, regardless of whether you have practised the Padmasambhava sadhana before.   

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Start Date: 10th Aug 2018
End Date: 17th Aug 2018
Deposit: £78
Price: £259 (Waged/Supported (including deposit)) / £182 (Unwaged/Unsupported (including deposit))

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This retreat is nearly full. Please ring or email to confirm a place is available before trying to book.