Triratna50 at Adhisthana: celebrating fifty years of the Triratna Buddhist Community


Saturday 8th April and Sunday 9th April


07.00 Double sit
08.45 Breakfast
10.00 Cross-generational Conversation: chaired by Parami, with Nagabodhi, Manjuvajra, Prajnaketu, Akasajoti, Kusaladevi + the men’s Dharma Life Course
12.00 Metta Bhavana: for all ‘Areas’ of Triratna
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Desert Island Disks: Dhammarati interviewed by Parami
16.00 Workshop: visioning the future + honouring the ancestors, led by Parami
18.00 Supper
19.30 Three talks: a vision for the next 50 years [including Vidyadevi talking about Sangharakshita's written legacy in the next 50 years]
20.30 Puja led by Saddhanandi

07.00 Double sit
08.45 Breakfast
10.00 50th Anniversary Talk by Subhuti (a "Live Stream" from the previous day at the London Buddhist Centre)
11.00 Tea Break + Discussion Groups
12.30 Clear up
13.15 Lunch + a Closing Ritual

Come for a day, or come for the whole event, but please book - there is a £15 booking fee and the event will be run on a dana basis, with all donations going to the Future Dharma Fund.

* If you're arriving on FRIDAY evening: let us know if you will be joining us for dinner at 18.00 - in the evening we'll have a dedication ceremony and will be showing old newsreels in the Beams with popcorn!
* You can stay overnight Friday and/or Saturday - let us know whether you will need accommodation and when you plan to arrive and depart
* Bring cake or snacks to share during Desert Island Disks

This retreat is open to people of all levels of experience

Start Date: 8th Apr 2017
End Date: 9th Apr 2017
Event Type: Residential
Deposit: £15

This Event is by Donation (Dana). Booking includes a non-refundable deposit. If the deposit prevents you from booking, please get in contact.

Dana/Bursary Donation
An opportunity to give if you are attending a dana event. For paid events, an invitation to contribute to our bursary fund.

Bookings are closed for this Event.

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